Friday, March 26, 2010

Boredom with Early Spring

Spring has sprung. I am bored as hell with its progress though. I am diligently turning my cover crops into the soil, preparing seed beds, starting seeds for transplant, and watching things slowly spring in to action.

That said, things are moving slowly. I mentioned in a previous post that I planted peas - way back on 3/13. They still have not poked out of the ground, I am starting to get paranoid that they are all dud seeds. I know this is not the case as one seed packet was purchased this year.

Some zinnias and some Nicotiana have sprouted in the greenhouse - now I need to protect them from slugs. My peppers, eggplants, rudbeckia, cosmos, chives, coleus, snapdragons, lobelia, parsley, are just bare looking pots of dirt, nothing to even mention yet. The peppers and eggplants have been sitting there for nearly two weeks now - in past years they take between 2-3 weeks, so its normal, but I am impatient!

I have hardened off my sweet peas and transplanted spinach out into the garden. I have some lettuce and onions that should be transplanted soon. Big deal. Nothing is growing in earnest, and the yard still looks like its basically winter. :(

I am starting to see the lillies poke the soil surface, and I am starting to see action with my hardy salvias and my viburnum. My blueberries are budding out. But damn it, I want more action! In the meantime, I'll just keep weeding :(

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